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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. I installed a digital timer in a box that previously contained a switch to an outside porch light. The box has only a white, black, and ground wire. The white wire in the box is hot, not the black, as I had thought it should be. I couldn't get the timer to work until I connected the timer's black wire to the box's white wire, the timer's red wire to the box's black wire, and the timer's white wire to the box's ground wire, along with the box's green wire to the box's bare wire. This type of timer requires a seperate neutral whereas most timer switch hook up just interrupt the hot so that the timer can be powered when the switch is in the off position.

In-wall timers can timer switch hook up a standard wall light switch into a programmable timer complete with 7-day customization, random vacation settings, and a backup battery. Love programmable 7-day digital timers, but we are having a problem with the battery in the timer wearing out every 30 days. Incorrect installation? Bad timer unit?

A timer switch can turn a sauna, hot tub or sprinkler system on or off at timer switch hook up times. Timer switches are designed to turn an electrical device on or off at specific times, to automate the times when the device is in use. Commonly used with landscape lighting and sprinkler systems, electrical timers can often replace single-pole switches. In some cases, a timer switch may require installation where only the hot leads are switched.
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Trying to install a digital timer for a wall switch in the garage which controls an outdoor light. Timer has 4 wires - black, white, red, green, one of each. Directions for the timer assume the box has those 4 wires - what do I do with the red and the green extra wires? Older houses may not have a ground, so no worries for your green wire in that regard if you don't have one. Timers are regarded as specialty switches, and with knowing how they are wiredwill get you through this project. Timer switch hook up timer is much like how a switch works, it is an interrupter that controls whatever electricity is going past it, in this case your outdoor light in the garage.

Although it's sometimes confused with a timer switch —a device that simply turns off a device such as a light fixture or vent fan after a prescribed amount of running time—a time switch serves a different function. Time switches essentially keep track of timer switch hook up time of day and turn power on and off at whatever times are desired by the user. Within the mechanism two or more "on-off" switches open and close the current flow based on however the user sets the mechanism. Today, however, there are digital electronic forms of time switch that operate by means of a built-in battery and clock that keep track of time. These switches are programmable and can turn the current flow on and off multiple times during the day. They can even be programmed to allow for different on-off cycles for different days of the week. These switches have become for time switches on standard volt household circuits. Mechanical analog time switches usually are contained in a small box or cabinet that may have a lockable cover. Inside the door cover, there is usually an instruction label that explains how to set the ON-OFF cycle, as well as listing the ratings of the device.

Running pool equipment 24 hours is usually unnecessary and expensive. Installing an Intermatic T timer is a great way to dramatically reduce run time and energy costs. The following steps will provide a guide on how to install the T timer. A T timer is used for V supply voltage. If you are using V supply voltage, you will need a T timer. The installation steps are the same for either. Toggle navigation Menu Cart Chat. Here timer switch hook up the instructions for how to enable JavaScript in your web browser.
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